Pirates and dragon fire

Islanders have always had a very interesting connection with fire. Maybe it is because bonfires were once used to mark the sea lanes and make night-time navigation easier. On more isolated island fire was used to distract ships into shipwreck. The islanders would then ransack the cargo. Even this village has a story about fire. A dragon fire has been seen on this island. This fire burns without ignition and leaves no trace.

On one chilling winter night two islanders were visiting their neighbour. As the night got darker and it was time to return home, they looked out the window and saw a small fire by the pathway. They wondered who might light a fire in such a place but as they walked home, they saw no trace of fire, not even a little ash. Villagers told them that it was a dragon fire which marks a buried treasure. When iron is thrown into the dragon fire, the treasure will appear.

Text: Eelin Hoffström, folklorist from Vänö

Make your own fairy-tale creature or sea monster!

You can gather green algae from the rocks along the shoreline and form it into a fantastical creature. Even fairy-tale creatures need a home, so build your creature a winter shelter and a summer cottage out of twigs, leaves and other natural material that has fallen to the ground.

Did you know that the tradition of bonfires is celebrated every year on the night of Ancient Lights on last weekend of August?

Can you find a blue juniper berry?