Eat local!

Have you wondered what difference it makes, where the food we eat comes from? Here are a few valid reasons to eat locally produced food!

-Short transportation distances to the market are good for the food, that remains fresh and nutritious, but also for the environment, as the emissions caused by transportation are minimized.

-You get to see with your own eyes where the food you eat comes from and how it is produced.

-By choosing local meat products, you support also the maintenance of the landscape on the islands of the Archipelago Sea. Grazing animals keep the scenery open and provide habitats for many plants and animals that depend on pastures to survive.

-By purchasing local products, we can also preserve a living archipelago, where unique flavours and services are available even in the future.


Chose five foods either from the market, your backpack or from the boat.

On the sign there is an assignment for each food. Perform the assignments! (If you don’t have any food with you, you can still do the assignment: just come up with five foods you would like to have.)

Fish or meat:

You are a fast swimming Baltic herring in the sea. Swim breaststrokes as you run to the store and back.


Beans are the same shape as small, smooth rocks. Find five stones that are as smooth as possible. Place them on the ground in the order of smoothness, size or darkness. Leave the stones on the ground to be found by the next bean collector.

Bread or other cereal product:

Whole-weed products make you strong. Try to walk with hands or do five push-ups.

Milkproduct (for example milk, butter, yogurt):

You are happy like a cow that has been let out to the pasture after a long winter. Jump up and down 10 times. The jumps can look funny. You can even say ”moo moo” as you jump, if you dare to.

Fruit or berry:

Spin around like a blueberry gone wild. Spin five times to both directions.


You are a rabbit. You have just stolen a carrot and now you must hide quickly. Take 15 hops to a hiding place. Remember to come out from your hiding place.


You are a peanut. You come from abroad and you are used to meet people from different countries. Say good day or hello to three different people. Go ahead and greet in different languages if you can.

Water or another beverage:

Let’s sing a song in the honour of the drink. Sing a song.

Candy or other sweets:

You are so sweet that you feel good. Say something good about yourself.

Did you know that blocks (also known as pulleys) that are used on ships, are one of the six simple machines, as well as wheels, levers and screws?

Can you find a wild pansy?